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At Oisin Toner Solicitors we provide our clients with a high level of service, which is efficient, professional, proactive and solution driven.  We pride ourselves on delivering advice, which is to the point, leaving clients with clear options to enable them to achieve the outcome they deserve.  Through continuous growth and development and in association with GCS Solicitors in Armagh, we have strengthened our legal expertise, technological and practice management resources to enable us to exceed our clients’ expectations time after time by providing an efficient and high-quality service.

Experienced Law Firm

We have dedicated long serving and loyal staff with a depth and range of knowledge throughout our legal firm, which enables us to specialise in a wide range of areas of law.  We will provide a service that contains no surprises, be comprehensive and professional in our dealings with you and be honest with you in everything we do for you.

Our Legal Services

We offer a wide variety of legal services ranging from helping with Road Traffic Claims, Personal Injury Claims , Conveyancing (buying and selling property), Will Writing, Probate and Administration of Estates and Commercial Litigation.

Why Use Oisin Toner Solicitors for Legal Services

There are many reasons why it is important you use our professional and expert legal services. Please don’t just take our word for it but consider the testimonies from our clients who have experienced our service. If you are seeking compensation for an injury, facing litigation, or you are looking to purchase residential or commercial property we can help you through those somewhat daunting processes and will advise you every step of the way no matter what legal issue or process you are facing. We will ensure you make the right decision throughout the whole process. Having Oisin Toner Solicitors in your corner will make everything so much easier for you and having us there beside you will give you more confidence that you will get the right result at the end of your case.  We offer a service to our clients in both Southern and Northern Ireland. 

No Obligation Consultation Service

We offer a free first consultation service, where you can arrange an appointment to speak with one of our experienced lawyers who will be an expert in the field of law you wish to discuss. This is a no obligation consultation.

It is always a very good idea if you are unsure about any legal issue that you get qualified legal advice before you proceed any further and at Oisin Toner Solicitors we can certainly give you that. To make an appointment to come and see us you can either fill in the form on our website page or you can give us a call on 0035312343799.

If you wish to connect with us, we offer various Social Media channels for you to do so.  You may communicate with us in person or if you prefer through Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Messenger, text message or by telephone. 

Place yourself in the capable hands of Oisin Toner Solicitors. 

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